Matthieu Hervé’s professional background

Restaurant Cheval Blanc by Peter Knogl, Basel
Restaurant Daniel, New York
Restaurant Maison Boulud, Montreal
Restaurant Le Chantecler, Hotel Negresco, Nice

Matthieu Hervé: that certain something

Matthieu Hervé has been Chef de cuisine at Château de Montcaud since 2018 and delights our hotel guests and local gourmets with his cuisine, which combines the clarity and freshness of the north with the sun-kissed flavours of Provence. Under his management, Bistro de Montcaud was awarded 1 toque by Gault & Millau in 2023. The gourmet restaurant Le Cèdre de Montcaud was awarded 2 toques by Gault & Millau in 2023 and Michelin star in March 2024.

A deep connection to the ocean

For Matthieu Hervé, who is in his thirties, cooking is not just a job, it’s an obsession. Born in Normandy, coastal blood flows through his veins, and he has a special affinity for fish and seafood, which is perfect because Château de Montcaud is located just an hour from the coast by car.

Under expert tutelage

Finding Matthieu Hervé was a stroke of luck for us: he brings with him a great deal of knowledge and experience that he has acquired working under some of the greatest chefs in the world. Now he is ready to leave his mark on the culinary scene.

Perfection with a surprising twist

How to best describe Matthieu Hervé’s culinary style? Matthieu manages to prepare exceptional ingredients in a way that fully releases their flavours. At the same time, every one of his creations includes a small, surprising twist without coming across as pretentious or forced. And, last but not least, at his previous position under top chef Peter Knogl, he learned how to use sauces and jus to add the perfect finishing touch to any dish. A cuisine that is never pretentious, never artificial – it is simply smart.

A place to experiment

For Matthieu Hervé to have the space and inspiration to continue to evolve and hone his skills, we have turned a former pigeon loft into his own private laboratory – a fully fitted test kitchen far away from the hustle and bustle of the restaurant. We can’t wait to see what he will create!”