The “De Montcaud” fragrance collection is available exclusively at Château de Montcaud and at a few selected sales outlets. We would be happy to organise shipping for you. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us on 0033 4 66 33 20 15 or by e-mail

The “De Montcaud” fragrance collection

Inspired by this magical place and created especially for the Château de Montcaud: discover the fragrant “De Montcaud” products, tailor-made by some of the most talented people in the perfume industry. The olfactory compositions they come up with reflect the nature of our little oasis, and are inspired by rare essences found in Montcaud’s park. This collection is entirely manufactured by “L’Atelier français des matières“, using some of its exclusive natural extracts labelled “Grand Cru”. The result: high-quality, unique olfactory works of art.

Perfumes and care products

La Vie devant Soi: Perfume and body milk

The beginning of our fragrance collection was a perfume. Its name is a play on words which at the same time valorises the history of our chateau, illuminates the future, but above all asks you to take a step back and enjoy the present. “La vie devant soi” embodies a radiant and deep, simple but elegant fragrance: sparkling and cheerful freshness with citrus notes at the top, a heart where cedar, cypress and pink berries blend together.

Fragrance creation: Sonia Constant

Soupçon de Soie : Perfume

In keeping with the chateau’s history, the second fragrance in the “De Montcaud” range is an olfactory interpretation of silk. It takes you on a journey along the Silk Road, and illustrates the precious materials resulting from this trade between East and West: benzoin from Laos, precious musks and spices have inspired this creation which leaves a multisensory effect of silk on the skin!

Fragrance creation: Antoine Lie

Ô Pure Contradiction : Perfume

The third fragrance of the “De Montcaud” collection honors the roses of Montcaud. The use of Moroccan Rose Absolute in high doses (more than 5%, the equivalent of 100 flowers per bottle) results in a powdery fragrance, with very fresh and, of course, very floral and vegetal notes. Combined with more masculine and timeless accords, it creates a mixed and avant-garde fragrance.

Fragrance creation: Antoine Lie

Scented Candles

Coeur de Cèdre

Join us on a stroll through our five-hectare estate park. In the heart of this magical place, several specimens of the emblematic tree of the Château de Montcaud stand tall: cedar trees from the Atlas and Lebanon, each one of them an impressive size. And you can take a piece of them home with you. An extract of Montcaud’s cedar trees, specially developed for this project, forms the heart of the scented candle “Coeur de Cèdre”.

Fragrance creation: Antoine Lie

Ambiance de Soie

The second scented candle of the “De Montcaud” collection picks up the silk thread of the history of our chateau hotel. The fragrance combines cinnamon, patchouli essence and a pinch of cardamom with extracts of mulberry trees from Provence, developed especially for this project: feel the subtle, warm ambiance that envelops you like a touch of silk.

Fragrance creation: Antoine Lie

Murmure du vent

Close your eyes, and breathe in the breeze that stirs the trees of Montcaud’s majestic park. The third scented candle of the “De Montcaud” collection presents a vegetal note in tune with forest berries and fresh spices such as pink berry and aniseed, warmed by orange blossom and musknotes.

Fragrance creation: Antoine Lie