Sicht von der historischen Grotte in Montcauds Park, Hotel Provence

La vie en rose at Château de Montcaud

Nestled in the heart of rural Provence Occitane, Château de Montcaud is an oasis of greenery, where lush forest meets romantic garden. The five-hectare estate is home to more than 140 varieties of trees, bushes and flowers. Century-old trees stand proudly towering over a carefully landscaped park, rivalled in their beauty by colourful flowers and opulent bushes.

Rose flowers and bushes, true stars in Château de Montcaud’s park

Central stage in this scene is taken by the more than forty varieties of roses on display. In flower beds, adorning the edges of the pond in front of the chateau, embedded in the park or climbing along the façade of the Mas building and the vegetable garden, the roses give a fairy-tale aspect to the romantic atmosphere that reigns at the chateau. The oldest varieties climb the walls surrounding the courtyard serving as a terrace for the gourmet restaurant Le Cèdre de Montcaud, and throughout the year, the various blooms exude a sweet perfume and colour the landscape.

La Roseraie de Berty, a lesson in enchantment 

Guidance in the care of the existing rose plants, and help in planting new additions come from Eléonore Cruse, self-proclaimed passionate rosarian, and, hands-down, a leading expert in her field. Mrs Cruse dedicates a large part of her time to the upkeep of two rose gardens in the nearby Ardèche region. The Roseraie des Pommiers in Ruoms being easily accessible, and designed as an exhibition of the most traditional rose varieties. On the other hand, the Roseraie de Berty in Largentière is straight out of a fairy tale: deeply nestled in a valley of the Ardèche, alongside a small river, more than 600 varieties of roses adorn the large garden which was once a self-sustaining farm. This secret hideaway has long been classified as a “Remarkable Garden”, and is open to the public for one month a year (mid-May to mid-June). You do not need to be a passionate rosarian to appreciate a walk around this most enchanted place.

“Ô Pure Contradiction”: a tribute to the roses of Montcaud

Having paid tribute to the estate’s emblematic cedar trees and Château de Montcaud’s silk (hi)story through products featured in the unique “De Montcaud” fragrance collection, it is now time to honour the roses of Montcaud in this collection through our new perfume, “Ô Pure Contradiction”. Created by internationally renowned “nose”, master perfumer Antoine Lie, and manufactured by the Atelier Français des Matières, this fragrance is the third chapter of the “De Montcaud” perfume series. The use of Moroccan Rose Absolute in high doses (more than 5%, the equivalent of 100 flowers per bottle) results in a powdery fragrance, with very fresh and, of course, very floral and vegetal notes. Traditionally used in feminine perfumes, the rose is here diverted from its traditional use. Combined with more masculine and timeless accords, such as Nanah Mint, Madagascar Geranium and Moroccan Cedar, it creates a mixed and avant-garde fragrance. 

A weekend dedicated to the world of roses

To launch this new perfume, there is no time more fitting than the return of the warm weather, and the blossoming of a large variety of roses at Château de Montcaud: from 20th to 22nd May 2022, we will host a weekend dedicated entirely to the world of the rose. Visitors from further away can start their weekend with dinner at Bistro de Montcaud on Friday evening. The following day, we suggest a visit to the rose garden at the Roseraie de Berty. Take a leisurely stroll, and be intoxicated by the aromas and perfumes that fill the air. At the end of your visit, choose your rosebush as a floral souvenir of this weekend dedicated to the rose. Make your way (back) to Château de Montcaud in the evening, and join us for the cocktail launch of the perfume “Ô Pure Contradiction”. Accompanied by jazzy notes, discover the production secrets and fragrances of this exceptional perfume, and pick up your flacon as another souvenir, before sitting down to enjoy a four-course gourmet dinner carefully put together by chef Matthieu Hervé, and accompanied by the best wines selected by our sommelier. The next day, before leaving the Château de Montcaud, don’t forget to take a walk in the park to discover our forty different varieties of roses! 

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