Philosophy: the luxury of simplicity

What does fulfilment look like? Is it really the feeling of abundance, of having more of everything, of going higher and higher, faster, further? Or is it not much more interesting to pare things down to the essentials, to go back to basics? We believe that we have found an answer to this question.

Comfort and cuisine

Château de Montcaud offers the perfect blend of modern comfort, sleek elegance, haute cuisine and exceptional service. And all nestled in the heart of an impeccably groomed natural landscape and bathed in that incomparable sunlight that you can only find in the South of France.

Quality over quantity

We call it le luxe de la simplicité or “the luxury of simplicity”. We have deliberately foregone everything unnecessary. Everything that might be distracting. Everything that could be bothersome. What’s left is a deep sense of ease, calm and serenity that allows you to forget your everyday life.

Everyone is welcome

Château de Montcaud was designed as one man’s dream estate. Today, everyone who stays with us can experience that dream. We want to make your every wish come true and satisfy your every desire. While you are our guests, we will do everything in our power to ensure that you enjoy your stay to the fullest and that everything runs smoothly.