Old and new trees form the inventory of a magical place - the estate park of hotel Chateau de Montcaud, Provence, Southern France.

Park: lush and lovingly restored

The first time we walked through the five-hectare park surrounding the chateau, we were reminded of Sleeping Beauty: uninviting, overgrown, an impenetrable jungle where you could barely make out the paths.

Restored to its former glory

Today our park looks exactly the way Alexandre Eugène Collain intended – a dreamy, romantic garden and a playful, light-hearted answer to the strict, geometric designs of the period in which the chateau was built.

A long road

The talented arborist Marc Brillat-Savarin helped us to bring the park back to life, as did an accidental discovery: in the midst of renovations we stumbled upon the original plans for the park from 1892. With this lofty goal in mind, we chopped 250 cubic metres of wood, removed kilometres of brambles, opened up lines of sight and planted more than 3500 new plants. We even picked up the bricklayer’s trowel: we reinforced the artificial grotto, relocated the swimming pool, built a boules area and renovated the tennis court.

The whole world in one park

With his park, master builder Alexandre Eugène Collain wanted to create an idealised version of nature. Today, for the first time, we can admire his vision in all its glory: with more than 140 types of mature trees from around the world, the park invites guests and visitors to experience a romantically glorified interpretation of nature.