The interior at Le Cèdre de Montcaud
Silk artwork at Le Cèdre de Montcaud

Gourmet restaurant “Le Cèdre de Montcaud”: Name-dropping

Château de Montcaud first opened its gourmet restaurant on 16 November 2018. After nearly a year of operations, we are happy to see it delighting diners under its new name: “Le Cèdre de Montcaud“. Taking effect in-midst of high season, on the first of August, the aim of this name change was to underline the restaurant’s identity as part of Château de Montcaud and its history.

From the past

In 1848, silk merchant Alexandre Eugène Collain bought the land on which the Château de Montcaud stands today. The large building built in the following years, is surrounded by woodlands and meadows. The founding father felt an unconditional love for nature and wanted to present an idealistic version of the flora on his estate.

…to the present

Today, the five-hectare park is home to more than 140 different plant species from all over the world, inviting you to discover little known varieties alongside famous icons. In the heart of this exotic place, several examples of the emblematic tree of the Château de Montcaud can be found: cedars from the Atlas and Lebanon, all of them of impressive size. The awe they inspire is reason enough to call the gourmet restaurant “Le Cèdre de Montcaud“.

Nature as a guest

Nature’s presence and importance in this enchanting place is not only honoured in the name of the gourmet restaurant, but also in its decor. A four-meter-long work of art made of silk, produced in an entirely sustainable way, is the centre-piece of the restaurant. It depicts a modern interpretation of the Cedar tree’s rings, and symbolizes the estate’s past through form and content. The Cevennes region which is in close distance was once a centre of silk production where the chateau’s founding father found his fortune. Outside, in the magical courtyard where dinners at Le Cèdre de Montcaud are served, weather-permitting, flora also plays a decorative role. Surrounded by roses, vines and wisteria, the refined creations by chef Matthieu Hervé are enjoyed alongside other natural colours and scents.

The chef behind “Le Cèdre de Montcaud”

The man in the kitchen of this charming and elegant place is chef Matthieu Hervé. His cuisine, deemed terre et mer , distinguishes itself in particular in its proximity to the sea but also in it’s surprise elements created by adding a twist to classic French dishes. Great importance is placed on local produce, which is treated with respect and refined to perfection. Matthieu Hervé learned his craft in Michelin-starred restaurants both at home and abroad: in famous gourmet restaurants in France, Canada, the United States and Switzerland. Lucky for us, in 2018, he settled down at Château de Montcaud and has since given much joy to both novice gourmets and connoisseurs of gastronomy.