Sicht von der historischen Grotte in Montcauds Park, Hotel Provence

An office under the trees…

Unwind, or work on your utmost concentration – no, we aren’t talking about playing a game of boules in the park: Château de Montcaud offers an exceptional combination of seminar infrastructure and a fitting framework. Under these circumstances, your seminar, meeting, team-building event or training session is sure to be perceived as an incentive for the participants and thus a pleasurable event – and you know what they say about happy co-workers!

Coffee breaks under chestnut trees, and wine tasting at the neighbouring vineyard? This does not sound like your average business event which is more likely to be associated with impersonal seminar rooms, drawn blinds and small-talk next to the coffee machine – you know the drill…

May we suggest an alternative? At Château de Montcaud, seminars, meetings, training courses and business events can be held in ways that you are not used to. Needless to say, we will help you plan these events with just as much enthusiasm as we will plan a leisure stay. Because all of our guests deserve to feel like kings or queens on their escape to Château de Montcaud.

A form of appreciation

Your employees or colleagues may well feel like kings and queens in our little oasis, and a business event may just as well be perceived as a form of appreciation of their work. Participants will enjoy high-quality culinary delights – even during the breaks. The larger of the two seminar rooms is flooded with light and offers a view of the charming patio adjacent to the citrus garden, while the board-room opens up to the park and is ideally suited for highly concentrated meetings. Both come with all the necessary infrastructure and state-of-the-art technical equipment. May your mind breathe deeply and let the work begin!

A different meaning to open-space office

Aside from the two meeting rooms, other spaces at the hotel are available which may provide variety if desired. This includes our fabulous 12-acre park with its empowering, centuries-old trees. During business events, more often than not, it is used as an additional workspace. Either officially, for example for break-out sessions in the fresh air, or unofficially during a break and a walk or an animated discussion on a bench.

This additional “meeting space” also allows for special activities such as an invigorating fitness class, a customized treasure hunt or, quite simply, that friendly game of boules we mentioned at the beginning. The entire team at Château de Montcaud and our beautiful grounds are entirely at your disposal – uncomplicated and supportive.

Inspiring and energizing

Our business guests confirm that this unique combination of work and play surrounded by nature creates both an inspiring and energizing atmosphere. “Participants of these events tend to move around in a completely different way than in other places,” says Rolf Bertschi, who has a wealth of experience in international business events. He emphasises that, “they are more relaxed, more stimulated and usually return home full of energy – and not exhausted”.

Outings into the surrounding area can also be perfectly combined with the usefulness of work: The aforementioned wine tastings or a truffle experience including a cooking class are particularly high on the list. 

“The highlight for many of our work event participants is often the culinary experience which is on a level that is rarely reached at comparable occasions,” says Mr Bertschi proudly. “We get a lot of very good feedback from our business guests, not just on the food but also the overnight stays and the general ambience of the Château and its park.”

And what about the infrastructure?

Smaller scale hotels often have trouble providing a reliable infrastructure and an inspiring ambience for meetings resulting in an overall bad experience. The leading role in these horror stories is often played by outdated technical equipment, unlovingly designed furnishings and equally loveless catering. “We pay a lot of attention to making sure everything fits. Because, if one detail is not right, then the overall impression suffers. That’s why everything is state-of-the-art and plug-and-play, and the rooms are of course tastefully furnished with special attention to detail. It simply has to be right, there’s no excuse,” says Mr Bertschi.  

As previously mentioned, two designated and fully equipped seminar rooms are available, the “Grand Salon” and the “Petit Salon”. And as the names suggest, the first offers space for up to 70 people, while the second will hold up to 35 in theatre seating. Having said this, a strategy meeting of a six-member board of directors will not look lost in these rooms – on the contrary, the furnishings and so-called seating are easily adaptable to the type and size of event. What’s sure is that both rooms provide enough space for thinking, planning and working. 

If aside from a solid technical infrastructure you also need interpreters or photographers, or you are short of ideas for the supporting programme or the extent of the culinary experience? We are more than happy to take care of your requests, will keep you in the loop about everything important in advance and we will actively check back with you so that nothing is forgotten or goes wrong!

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