Swim and relax: in and around the pool

If you know summer in Provence, you know it can get hot. In the style of the rest of southern France, mercury often rises to over 25-30°, temperatures that visitors from not quite as warm or sunny places will find hot enough to look for ways to refresh themselves. And what could be more pleasant than a swim in the cool water?

A pool move

Loyal guests of the “old” Château de Montcaud will immediately notice: our swimming pool has moved to a new location. Lined by plane and olive trees, the main path across the hotel estate leads to a large gate at the far end (visitor from old restaurant times may recognize this as well), which completes the fence around the newly laid out pool. Hotel guests can easily access the pool area through the hotel basement, therefore avoiding having to pass the lobby.

We have extended the swimming season

Not just hot summer days are best spent by the pool. Besides being another wonderful spot of peace and quiet, our swimming pool is just as inviting on the beautiful warm and sunny days before and after the main summer season. The possibility of heating the pool and covering it against the weather make a dip in the water just as appealing. And if it is still too cold in the water, you can enjoy the view of the château or the seasonally changing park on a deck chair – perhaps over an aperitif.

Fun for all

Our swimming pool can satisfy several preferences for sun and water bathing: at any time of day the main château building or the surrounding trees in one or the other corner around the pool provide shade. Sun worshippers can alternate with shadow seekers on site. There are enough sun beds available for everyone. For our little guests and those who only prefer to cool their feet, we have built a spacious pool entrance area, which allows splashing in the shallow water. And if you prefer a bath in pure nature to a bath by the water, you are most welcome to place your deckchair under your favourite tree.