Perfume workshops: your signature scent

Southern France is the birthplace of perfume. It is home to the natural ingredients that perfume makers around the world use to create their finest fragrances.

The jardin olfactif – our scented garden

We pay homage to the world of fragrances with our jardin olfactif, a garden filled with scented plants, herbs and fragrant trees. It provides us with the materials that we use to make essential oils for our perfume workshops.

Create your own unique perfume

You are invited to learn more about the centuries-old art of perfume making and create your own signature scent under the instruction of well-known perfumers. At the end of the workshop you can take home your scent in your own bottle together with a precise formula.

Traditional perfume making from A to Z

At our five-day workshops, you will learn how to distil essential oils in copper pots and create your own unique perfume. Additionally, chef Matthieu Hervé will indulge your tastebuds with his culinary delights. If you would like to participate in our next workshop, simply let us know.